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endobj This is a form of multilevel marketing, also known as referral marketing or pyramid selling. Keep in mind that these products are the ones that I personally use daily, so if you need help or any specific recommendations, please dont hesitate to reach out! 1st Phorm LLC That initial step is trailed by increasingly an until moving in the correct heading becomes normal. 1st Phorm is one of the only brands that I fully recommend based on my personal, long-term experience and results with the brand. However, for a cheaper protein powder and other supplements they offer, they tend to taste better than lower quality brands. Work/Life Balance. Contacts. They offer super high quality men's and women's apparel, from workout gear to casual clothes, and a bunch of more clothing lines set to go live very soon. The path may not always be clear, but you cant let that stop you from taking action to pursue the end result you believe in. U.S. Capital Development is the project's developer and owner, and M+H Architects is the architect. For additional info: Mountain Motorsports is a group of motorcycle and powersports dealerships with multiple locations in the southeastern United States. The purpose of the Post Workout Stack is to rapidly replenish your glycogen stores which lead to muscle recovery. What started out as a simple, stand-alone supplement store has turned into the premier supplement brand in the industry. . Last used 15h ago. Its that crazy vision of what you truly aspire to be in life that recurs over and over and over again. Required fields are marked *. Grit is a big deal. The thing that I love about Megawatt is that its so much more than just a quick-hitting stimulant. Plus, it has a delicious berry flavor, as mentioned in our 1st Phorm opti-greens 50 review article. 1st Phorm is led by brothers Sal and Andy Frisella, president and CEO, respectively, and COO Chris Klein.. The best place to contact me is inside our private FB community. 2. This new racing partnership is not their first time in the exotic car scene either. Unlike other brands they want to give back to the. 321(g)(1)(B)] because they are intended for use in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease. The company produces recovery protein, replenishment formula, fat burner, metabolism booster, adrenal support, fish oil, pre-workout protein and other related products along with apparel that includes hat, t-shirt, tank top, sports bra, leggings . The company has since grown into one of the largest retailers of motorcycle and powersports vehicles in the nation, spanning nine dealership locations representing eleven of the industrys most well-known brands. 1 phone number found . It was cool because then we ended up talking for 10, 15 minutes: she had been in a plane crash, her whole family had died, she had her leg amputated, was burned head to toe. And then we decided to roll that into 1st Phorm, so now we had 2 companies, and from there to here, its branched off to 6 different companies. If at any time within 30 days after your purchase, for any reason, youre not happywell refund your money + 10%! (314) 775-6343 Company 1st Phorm Chris Bishop Current Workplace Chris Bishop has been working as a Warehouse Associate at 1st Phorm for 1 year. Present in more than 120 countries, Motul USA was established in 1989 as a subsidiary of Motul France and is based in Southern California. Once a customer buys from you the first time, you earn residual commissions every time they make a purchase. 3. This morning at All Pro Dads, we welcomed Jeff Simmons of Rolling Hills Community Church to speak to our group. 1. **Orders containing 1st Phorm Energy do not qualify for Free Shipping. He started the business in his early 20s with a friend and has become a star entrepreneur and business leader. 1st Phorm has set the standards in the industry for quality and helping people reach their goals. In 2009, CEO Andy Frisella and his business partner Chris Klein started the brand, and since then, it has become the fastest growing supplement company in the world. This is something thing I personally never paid a lot of attention to until I started getting educated by 1st Phorm. With a full spectrum of fruits and vegetables available to you in an easy-to-consume powder, your body is equipped with the support it needs to keep you healthy, well, and protected from environmental dangers. Kadean Construction was the general contractor on the project. Micro Factor is your complete daily nutrient packs that include, just as the name suggests, all the micronutrients you need in your diet. %PDF-1.4 Your email address will not be published. There comes a point where you need to graduate from the basics and take action. 1st Phorm has set the standards in the industry for quality and helping people reach their goals. 1st Phorm Collagen Review. It is your responsibility to ensure that your firm complies with all requirements of federal law, including FDA regulations. When we compared other popular fitness supplements brands for working out, 1st Phorm earned our recommendation as the top choice for overall performance enhancement. Founder. Enjoying a delicious shake that tastes like a treat, 1 Scoop Level-1 Protein Powder (I like the Cinnamon Cookie Batter or Pumpkin Spice for this). Lets take a look at their full list of available products and then dive deeper into their most popular products. 350b(a)], a dietary supplement that contains a new dietary ingredient shall be deemed adulterated under section 402(f) of the Act [21 U.S.C. AF: Our first day, we were all excited about business. You are responsible for investigating and determining the causes of any violations and for preventing their recurrence or the occurrence of other violations. Thorne is mainly known for health and wellness supplements, such as vitamins and gut health tests. We got into a situation in 2009 where we were able to start creating our own products. For example, their Phormula-1 post-workout recovery protein has over 13,360 reviews with an average 5/5 star rating. The company was founded by lifelong friends Ryan Hardwick and Justin Price when they opened their first location as a single-line Honda dealership in Sevierville, Tennessee in 1999. The asset of having your face sliced up is that everyone sees it and nobody forgets you. It's more expensive than other similar supplements. For additional info:www.1stphorm.com, Mountain Motorsports is a group of motorcycle and powersports dealerships with multiple locations in the southeastern United States. Here's a look inside! Its a life mission for us to create a community of people who all raise a glass knowing theyre living their ONE LIFE! For me, my workouts happen early in the morning around 4 am, so this is a very welcomed stimulus for me at that hour. Take, for instance, Madeline Moves Weekly Moves Workouts, I have been consistently working out with that app for over a year now, and while I mix in some other apps and programs for the purpose of reviewing, Weekly Moves is a mainstay for me because its what works and what I enjoy most. Great breakfast and message for the dads and They founded 1st Phorm, a manufacturer and distributer of supplements, in 2008 and also operate the Supplement Superstores retail chain. endobj . Founders: Andy Frisella, Chris Klein. The 1st Phorm Collagen supplement contains 5 different types of collagen and 50mg of dermaval per serving. To help remedy this, the ingredients in Whole Heart were carefully chosen because of their ability to lower inflammation and prevent the breakdown of nitric oxide, which can result in decreased blood pressure levels., [product label image] IMPROVE LDL/HDL Ratio, Studies on fish oils rich in both EPA and DHA have shown they help with lowering blood pressure, reducing triglyceride levels, lowering bad cholesterol (LDL) levels . 1st Phorm is part of the Retail industry, and located in Missouri, United States. Fruits & Veggies - A diverse superfood blend that gives you the extra boost you need to improve your immune function, digestive function, and overall wellbeing. 1st Phorm never leaves anything on the table, they are committed to always going the extra mile for its customers. Sal Frisella is a husband, father of three children, and the President of 1st Phorm Supplements, which was founded by his brother Andy. . Nick Wheite has been a Police Officer in St. Louis for over 17 years & was one of the very first 1st Phorm athletes after joining in 2010. Enter 1st Phorm. You wont find any fillers or junk, just premium grade, results-driven ingredients in their optimal dosage. Its built-in branding and has been one of the best things thats ever happened to me for business. 2091 Fenton Logistics Park Blvd. So tap below to check out Mike & Mike's newest adventure . How Does 1st Phorm Supplements Compare to Its Competition? 1. Before sharing sensitive information, make sure you're on a federal government site. View Jarrett Bond. The company was founded by lifelong friends Ryan Hardwick and Justin Price when they opened their first location as a single-line Honda dealership in Sevierville, Tennessee in 1999. After trying a couple of options off of Amazon, I was turned off by the way they made me feel. All we had was $12,000. Office of Human and Animal Food You get access to all of this and more inside the 1st Phorm App in an easy to use format while you work towards your goals! Between the fact that 1st Phorms supplements are sourced and created with the utmost attention to detail and with regard to the highest quality, safety, adn efficacy standards and they taste amazing, you really wont find anything better. Welcome to my 1st Phorm review, where I am going to provide my honest thoughts and highlight their best-sellers to see if this nutritional supplement brand is worth your money. Founded by Andy Frisella and Chris Klein and built up for over 15 years, it was founded on Midwest values and a strong work ethic. So, if you arent 100% satisfied with the products you receive from 1st Phorm, theyll give you your money back and then some. The only knock on their apparel is that its for men only at this point. We acquired them, and literally went from one store to 6 stores in 30 days time. This is hands down the best protein powder on the market. Andy Frisella: CEO of 1st Phorm| #ThePlaybook 108 The Playbook With David Meltzer. Your Whole Heart Cardiovascular Health Formula and Full-Mega Omega-3 Fish Oil products are not generally recognized as safe and effective for the above referenced uses and, therefore, these products are new drugs under section 201(p) of the Act [21 U.S.C. BUBS Naturals ACV Gummies Review: Should You Try? The 1st Phorm app is designed and customized to you to help YOU get the results YOU want. Additionally, Opti-Reds may be able to support healthy nitric oxide levels in your bloodstream, which is associated with improved blood flow throughout your body which can contribute to better exercise performance and improved cognitive function. Executive Management. For more information, visit. Their products are the best quality I have found in over 8 years, their company has strong values, and the products (especially their . Being born on 14 March 1979, Chris Klein is 44 years old as of today's date 1st May 2023. Thank you for coming out to our World HQ / Vari Showroom this morning ! For example, their Phormula-1 post-workout recovery protein has over 13,360 reviews with an average 5/5 star rating. Which means you'll have opportunities to win $50,000 or other cash and prizes during the 8-week Transformation Challenge! Probiotic - Promotes a healthy gut which leads to better immune function and improved overall health. Heres whats inside the Micro Factor Packs: Opti-Greens 50 is a green superfood powder designed to optimize your immune system. 1st Phorm is led by brothers Sal andAndy Frisella, president and CEO, respectively, and COOChris Klein. There are no alternate routes. Our members save money by using these 1St Phorm discount codes at the checkout. We may earn from qualifying purchases. ]ZF{vQ\g1Izju Compensation/Benefits. But aside from the fact that they create the best products, they have customer service that goes far about and beyond anything Ive ever experienced. United States. So tell me about how you were first introduced to business. 1st Phorm has one of the most extensive supplement lineups of any brand out there. Their products are formulated and tested for years before ever making it to their store shelves. LaTonya M. Mitchell, Ph.D. 30% off 1st phorm free shipping coupon with 1st Phorm Promo Codes for May. With over a million followers across social media, 1st Phorm has amassed a huge cult-like following known as, The Legion of Boom. They stand for a movement in the fitness world. The claims on your website establish that the products are drugs under section 201(g)(1)(B) of the Act [21 U.S.C. It had around 150 employees last year. There's no telling what crazy adventures they're going to be going on next. atDW3aXx3jm.H0%na,i)69;H#ihzx?5uw4I9Dk\e|p$b2JJvIE ;n@k^_q# +:$MWucz*@?VAQn4;9tT)zUNyfYiidd3d:`}f,v6j7u" l|Uid#)Lv&{qv@0mxbP.g7i"a$-xHM k]Tg4~DZx N:dNAN2w)Df=C3\-TzgDX%C~7L9DwP{'$Mh[#iv Andy Frisella, owner of 1st Phorm and the brand logo. 20% OFF at 1st Phorm is accessible to everyone. I believe in 1st Phorm and am incredibly proud to be able to represent their brand and have the opportunity to share their products with you. Executive Management, Operations. Each and every 1st Phorm product is made with the highest quality ingredients from around the world. His height is 1.85 m tall, and his weight is 80 kg. With certain exceptions not applicable here, new drugs may not be legally introduced or delivered for introduction into interstate commerce without prior approval from FDA, as described in sections 301(d) and 505(a) of the Act [21 U.S.C. Motul is supporting those teams in international competitions such as 24 Hours of Le Mans (cars and motorcycles), FIA World Endurance Championship, IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship, Super GT, Formula Drift, Pikes Peak, Dakar, Le Mans Classic, MotoGP, World Superbike, World MX, IOM TT, and score of others. To the best of FDAs knowledge, there is no information demonstrating that hordenine was lawfully marketed as a dietary ingredient in the United States before October 15, 1994, nor is there information demonstrating that this ingredient has been present in the food supply as an article used for human food in a form in which the food has not been chemically altered. With so many distractions around these days, this is exactly what a lot of us need to be able to dial in our workout sessions. By the time youre able to purchase and enjoy their supplements, they have been tested vigorously for consistency, flavor, and results. 1st Phorm President Sal Frisella, who runs the company with his brother, CEO Andy Frisella, and best friend COO Chris Klein, said 1st Phorm outgrew its two roughly 25,000-square-foot buildings in Green Park in south St. Louis County. Issuing Office: Office of Human and Animal Food West Division II. One noted that 1st Phorm is a legit company. On the 1st Phorm Website, which is the only place you can buy their supplements and products, their ratings are overwhelmingly positive. This time, they're headed to South Florida to spend an awesome day with the Python Cowboy, and you won't want to miss all of the fun! Adequate directions for use means directions under which a layperson can use a drug safely and for the purposes for which it is intended (21 CFR 201.5). Spencer Brush Jr's Post Spencer Brush Jr Vice President at Alliant Insurance Services 1w Louis-based Supplement Superstore, which founders Andy Frisella and Chris Klein started in 1999 for $12,000, now has at least 18 locations in Missouri and Illinois. So, without further ado, heres my review of 1st Phorm supplements and my personal experience with the brand. This letter is to advise you that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reviewed your website at the Internet address www.1stphorm.com in March 2021. On the 1st Phorm Website, which is the only place you can buy their supplements and products, their ratings are overwhelmingly positive. That is how this brand started. 5. For additional info: Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, VOLT Lighting manufactures and distributes quality indoor and outdoor lighting products and systems. healthy nitric oxide levels in your bloodstream. Chief Development Officer. Failure to adequately address this matter may result in legal action, including, without limitation, seizure and injunction. AF: After I left college my business partner and I decided to start a supplement store. She studied business and earned her bachelor's degree in Business Economics. combat cardiovascular disease and heart attacks., [The natural substances in Whole Heart are also key components in helping treat arthritis and other common issues like acne and skin-diseases., We formulated Whole Heart to help decrease unhealthy levels of LDL cholesterol., Regular use ofWhole Heart can revamp your bodys blood flow and help decrease cholesterol production., Narrowing of the arteries increases resistance can lead to high blood pressure, the silent killer. 1st Phorm is a winning brand and they dont expect anything less when it comes to their race team. Additionally, Level-1 contains 5g of naturally occurring Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) to help support muscle tissue growth and repair. In 2009, CEO Andy Frisella and his business partner Chris Klein started the brand, and since then, it has become the fastest growing supplement company in the world. FENTON, Mo. In 2009, CEO Andy Frisella and his business partner Chris Klein started the brand. Instead, I want to put my attention into addressing the erosion of American values. The courage one must possess to go after that dream is what sets extraordinary people apart from everyone else. This letter notifies you of our concerns and provides you an opportunity to address them. 1st Phorm is built around a a culture of health and fitness, and this building reflects that culture well and accommodates the physical fitness needs of visiting professional athletes, area coaches, employees and more," Kadean Project DirectorTravis Muldersaid in a statement. Aside from being delicious and so easy to mix, its got the absolute best ingredients. 1st Phorm LLC. Were one of the only completely vertically integrated companies, in this segment, out there. Yes, you will be paying slightly more than if you were to grab a generic brand from the grocery store or Amazon, but youre getting so much more for your money. Level-1 is 1st Phorms meal replacement protein powder, however, I dont personally use it as a meal replacement. Check out these Pros and Cons of Opti-Greens 50 that I posted on my TikTok! 1. With an A+ rating on the BBB, everyone who buys from this brand completely trusts 1st Phorm. If youre brand new to 1st Phorm and arent sure where to start, the products that Im outlining below are a great place to begin. 1st Phorm is led by brothers Sal and Andy Frisella, president and CEO, respectively, and COO Chris Klein. 1st Phorm protein powder: Level-1 protein powder is designed for those looking for meal replacements, while Phormula-1 is a post-workout protein powder. With the highest quality ingredients, an unmatched standard of excellence, and customer service that will blow you away, youre getting the best nutrition supplements on the market with 1st Phorm. Were building the only tequila brand you will ever need to drink. Fear must be eliminated, faith must prevail and you have to trust wholeheartedly that you can achieve and become your vision. Daily Livestreams: Stay motivated with daily livestreams from 1st Phorm coaches and trainers. Reference CMS . 24 Beautiful Glow Review: Should You Consider It? 2195 Your written response should be sent to the following address: U.S. Food and Drug Administration, 8050 Marshall Drive, Suite 205, Lenexa, Kansas 66214, to the attention of Bruce E. Taylor, Compliance Officer. The https:// ensures that you are connecting to the official website and that any information you provide is encrypted and transmitted securely. 1 email found 1 phone number found . Her passion is to help people live a fit, healthy life through proper nutrition and exercise! Its up to you to have the courage to be the best. Using their bioavailable, sustained assimilation formula which consists of low temperature processed milk protein concentrate. 1st Phorm has been the title sponsor for the Gold Rush Rally for six years running. So in order to be successful here in helping other people, you have to go first. The company also has 29 customer reviews and they are rated 4.1 out of 5 stars. N[Ipx>;k&9t 2"|nI.zWzgHS-|sPn.'l'V4; FPn\Bl}FIy?T@#~io{Z;L;HX;@:E4az@N 8;!_BO5Rm*Mg4l np^lFjY(EX?j Za;bR[xv4QWMU(`=X@>8t"~GA6;g1QQQ;RbE.Q_%E{?I%6/lUR[F~pnJQ W2Bb@l>:(h#0zd%tN-r3JPd{@o .I/!=P IJ(.s `+3.fM.V! 1st Phorm has 2 current employee profiles, including Product Manager Nicholas Vahalik. Tami Smith is a certified Nutritionist and an ACE certified fitness trainer, specializing in pre and post-natal fitness. All supplements contain super high-quality ingredients sources in the USA, which is usually not the case with most supplement brands. Plus, every time you buy from the brand, youll get a personal email thanking you for your business and asking if theres anything else they can help you with. 1st Phorm Level-1 Bar Salted Caramel Lead Cadmium was officially listed as a chemical known to cause developmental toxicity and male reproductive toxicity on May 1, 1997, while cadmium and cadmium compounds were listed as chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer on October 1, 1987. Catch the chance to save your purchase. Helping others improve their lives, to be a good human and to drop the excuses and do the work. /S/ When I find something that works and something that I believe in, I stick with it. 1st Phorm is a sports nutrition company based in St. Louis, MO. 1st Phorm Customer Reviews Customer Reviews 1st Phorm Vitamins and Supplements Multi Location Business Find locations View Business profile What do you think? Products for which the manufacturer or distributor is required to submit a new dietary ingredient notification under section 413(a)(2) and 21 CFR 190.6, but for which the required notification has not been submitted, are adulterated under sections 402(f) and 413(a) of the Act [21 U.S.C. Brett Israelson has been working as a National Business Development at 1st Phorm for 3 years. Thorne is also on the pricier side, but they offer high-quality ingredients like 1st Phorm. And, their Level-1 Meal Replacement Protein Powder has over 20,000 reviews with an average rating of 5/5 stars. 30% Off. Instead, Ill highlight their most popular products next, all of which I have personal experience using. Based on our review of your website, we have found serious violations of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (the Act) and applicable regulations. The history of Supplement Superstores dates back to our humble beginnings in 1999 in Springfield, MO. They want to produce supplements that are affordable and efficient. Best 20% Off 1st Phorm Military Discount For April. There are no short cuts. Rocket pop and Watermelon are my top two if youre looking for a personal recommendation. Nick has also competed in Powerlifting meets all around the world, including the Arnold 9 times. These daily essentials are designed to increase your immune function, promote better overall health, and improve your digestion, all three of which are top of mind for so many these days. The 182,400-square-foot facility will feature an auditorium, a 25,000-square-foot fitness center, locker rooms, media rooms, a podcast room, basketball court, a 24-hour kitchen and more. 1st Phorm General Information. Strength Training Program: Access a variety of strength training programs tailored to suit your needs. All 1st Phorm products are produced only in facilities that are FDA inspected, SQF Level-3 certified, & cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) compliant. You can find exclusive discounts, limited-time offers, and even free shipping on select items. In 2006 we opened our second store, and then we had the opportunity to acquire another business that was going out of business. Along the way he has picked up plenty of wisdom, which he is eager to share with other entrepreneurs on his podcast "The MFCEO Project," available on his . With over a million followers across social media, 1st Phorm has amassed a huge cult-like following known as, The Legion of Boom. They stand for a movement in the fitness world. 1st Phorm is one of the most expensive supplement and apparel brands that I have evaluated. the fortitude one should have to pursue that fantasy separates exceptional individuals from every other person. Your Whole Heart Cardiovascular Health Formula and Full-Mega Omega-3 Fish Oil products are intended for treatment of one or more diseases that are not amenable to self-diagnosis or treatment without the supervision of a licensed practitioner. However, Megawatt from 1st Phorm has changed my mind about pre-workout supplements. __CONFIG_colors_palette__{"active_palette":0,"config":{"colors":{"c65f1":{"name":"Main Accent","parent":-1}},"gradients":[]},"palettes":[{"name":"Default","value":{"colors":{"c65f1":{"val":"var(--tcb-skin-color-4)","hsl":{"h":206,"s":0.2727,"l":0.01,"a":1}}},"gradients":[]},"original":{"colors":{"c65f1":{"val":"rgb(57, 163, 209)","hsl":{"h":198,"s":0.62,"l":0.52,"a":1}}},"gradients":[]}}]}__CONFIG_colors_palette__, __CONFIG_colors_palette__{"active_palette":0,"config":{"colors":{"62516":{"name":"Main Accent","parent":-1}},"gradients":[]},"palettes":[{"name":"Default Palette","value":{"colors":{"62516":{"val":"var(--tcb-skin-color-0)"}},"gradients":[]}}]}__CONFIG_colors_palette__, {"email":"Email address invalid","url":"Website address invalid","required":"Required field missing"}, __CONFIG_colors_palette__{"active_palette":0,"config":{"colors":{"f3080":{"name":"Main Accent","parent":-1},"f2bba":{"name":"Main Light 10","parent":"f3080"},"trewq":{"name":"Main Light 30","parent":"f3080"},"poiuy":{"name":"Main Light 80","parent":"f3080"},"f83d7":{"name":"Main Light 80","parent":"f3080"},"frty6":{"name":"Main Light 45","parent":"f3080"},"flktr":{"name":"Main Light 80","parent":"f3080"}},"gradients":[]},"palettes":[{"name":"Default","value":{"colors":{"f3080":{"val":"rgb(23, 23, 22)"},"f2bba":{"val":"rgba(22, 23, 22, 0.5)","hsl_parent_dependency":{"h":120,"l":0.09,"s":0.02}},"trewq":{"val":"rgba(22, 23, 22, 0.7)","hsl_parent_dependency":{"h":120,"l":0.09,"s":0.02}},"poiuy":{"val":"rgba(22, 23, 22, 0.35)","hsl_parent_dependency":{"h":120,"l":0.09,"s":0.02}},"f83d7":{"val":"rgba(22, 23, 22, 0.4)","hsl_parent_dependency":{"h":120,"l":0.09,"s":0.02}},"frty6":{"val":"rgba(22, 23, 22, 0.2)","hsl_parent_dependency":{"h":120,"l":0.09,"s":0.02}},"flktr":{"val":"rgba(22, 23, 22, 0.8)","hsl_parent_dependency":{"h":120,"l":0.09,"s":0.02}}},"gradients":[]},"original":{"colors":{"f3080":{"val":"rgb(23, 23, 22)","hsl":{"h":60,"s":0.02,"l":0.09}},"f2bba":{"val":"rgba(23, 23, 22, 0.5)","hsl_parent_dependency":{"h":60,"s":0.02,"l":0.09,"a":0.5}},"trewq":{"val":"rgba(23, 23, 22, 0.7)","hsl_parent_dependency":{"h":60,"s":0.02,"l":0.09,"a":0.7}},"poiuy":{"val":"rgba(23, 23, 22, 0.35)","hsl_parent_dependency":{"h":60,"s":0.02,"l":0.09,"a":0.35}},"f83d7":{"val":"rgba(23, 23, 22, 0.4)","hsl_parent_dependency":{"h":60,"s":0.02,"l":0.09,"a":0.4}},"frty6":{"val":"rgba(23, 23, 22, 0.2)","hsl_parent_dependency":{"h":60,"s":0.02,"l":0.09,"a":0.2}},"flktr":{"val":"rgba(23, 23, 22, 0.8)","hsl_parent_dependency":{"h":60,"s":0.02,"l":0.09,"a":0.8}}},"gradients":[]}}]}__CONFIG_colors_palette__, 1st Phorm Review: Great Supplements for an Active Lifestyle. literary devices in a shocking accident, cindy citrone 33 foundation,

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